The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

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Volume 12, Issue 8, October 2021


#1 Hon. Colleen Reardon Daly Cook County

Relocation to Texas Allowed 15 D 379142

     (F) –  Joseph R. Napoli II  (M) – Pro Se  (GAL) – Michael I. Bender

#2 Hon. A. Benjamin Goldgar U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District

    Abducting Father Charged with $265,096 in Fees & Costs  20 B 16482

      (F) –   Oppenheimer Law Group  (M) –  Thomas J. Kanyock, Joy M. Feinberg

#3 Hon. James A. Shapiro Cook County

     Modification on Maintenance Denied  06 D 9832

    (W) – Karen V. Paige, Candace L. Meyers   (H)  – Joshua J. Beyer


#4 Hon. Ari Fisz Lake County

     Conjugal Cohabitation Not Proven  15 D 837

    (H)) – Eric L. Shulman, Kimberly J. Lenzini  (W)  – Kelly A. Collins, Sheila Collins

#5 Hon. Andrea M. Schleifer  Cook County

     Motion to Vacate Denied  15 D 230253/ 2021 IL App (1st) 200739-U

    (W) – Claire R. McKenzie, Evan D. Whitfield   (H)  – Todd R. Warren


#6 Hon. Regina A. Scannicchio  Cook County

College Expense Award Affirmed 08 D 10202/2021 IL App (1st) 210121-U

(W) –  David H. Weiss (H) – David Gotzh


#7 Hon. Renee G. Goldfarb  Cook County

     Father Awarded Substantial Fees 16 D 6999

     (F) – Amy N. Schiller, Meighan A. Harmon   (M) – Enrico J. Mirabelli, Jonathan D. Steele

#8 Hon. David E. Haracz  Cook County

     Wife In Contempt  13 D 10549

    (H) –    Catherine M. Byrne  (W) – Pro Se

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