The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 1, Number 7, September, 2010



#1 Hon. Veronica O'Malley Lake County

Divorce Denied In Terminal Marriage 09 D 946
(W) - Gary L. Schlesinger (H) - Christopher A. White


#2 Hon. Renee G. Goldfarb Cook County

Crazy in Love, Pre-Nupt Nullified 09 D 2052
(W) - Mary Katherine Avery (H) - Michael P. Doman


#3 Hon. R. Morgan Hamilton Cook County

$198,583 to Attorney and Expert, Zero to "Destitute" Wife 08 D 1045
(W) - Steven S. Russo (H) - Lawrence A. Stein, Patrick Hurley


#4 Hon. Moshe Jacobius Cook County

Major Custody Reversal on Remand 04 D 330480
(W) - Pro Se (H) - Lawrence S. Manassa (C) - Redina Friedman


#5 Hon. Samuel J. Betar, III Cook County

Blue Cross Faces Huge Penalty For Failure to Withhold 06 D 30886
(W) - Anne C. Brady (H) - Kathleen R. Pasulka-Brown


#6 Hon. Naomi Hornick Schuster Cook County

Absence of Valuation Evidence A Major Hurdle, Fees and Costs at $840,000 06 D 8611
(W) - Brian J. Hurst (H) - David Stein, Roger Rubin


#7 Hon. Kathleen G. Kennedy Cook County

Asset Based Support Set, Father Unemployed 06 D 8453
(W) - David P. Pasulka (H) - Michael Zaslavsky


#8 Hon. Thomas J. Kelley Cook County

Custody to Dad Despite Opinion of Court Appointed Expert 06 D 11753
(W) - Bradley R. Trowbridge (H) - Kimberly Brumirski (GAL) - Vickie Pasley


#9 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Below Guideline Support Set at $7,700/mo. 01 D 9144
(W) - David Clyde Ainley (H) - Burton Hochberg


#10 Hon. Jeanne R. Cleveland Bernstein Cook County

Claim to Marital Residence and Reimbursement Denied Despite 20 Year Occupancy, 06 D 1095
(W) - Arnold Landis (H) - Michael Canulli

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