The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 10, Issue 7, September 2019


#1 Hon. Ellen L. Flannigan Cook County

Child Allowed to Keep Stepfather’s Name 09 D 9010    

(M) – Dennis J. Sopata   (F) –  Scott Tzinberg, Gretchen V. Schrader    (CR) Robert J. Schmit

#2 Hon. Jeanne Cleveland Bernstein  Cook County

Fees Denied Due to Delayed Filing  17 D 3880

     (W) – Joseph R. Napoli, Jared B. Pinkus   (H) – James C. Murray, Michael J. Murray

#3 Hon. Mary S. Trew  Cook County

Father’s Petition to Return Child to Mexico Denied 18 D 79090

      (M) – Anne M. Coladarci, Jack Coladarci    (F) – Evan D. Whitfield  

#4 Hon. Naomi H. Schuster  Cook County

     Father to Have Majority of Parenting Time  18 D 153

      (F) Scott Tzinberg,  (M) Jennifer Nolen   (GAL) Robert J. Schmit

#5 Hon. Jeanne M. Reynolds  Cook County

Maintenance Duration Reduced  16 D2 30350

(W) – James W. Pappas   (H) – Susan A. Marks, Brandon M. Djonlich

#6 Hon. Anne T. Hayes DuPage County

Husband Allowed to Enter Residence 19 D 814

(W) – Alex J. Fawell    (H) – Todd D. Scalzo

#7 Hon. Matthew Link Cook County

Pre-Nuptial Agreement Valid  18 D 1977

 (M) – Michael A. Anderson    (W) – Raminta Ksanyte

Appellate Review:

#8 Hon. Robert E. Douglas 2019 IL App (2nd) 181028-U

     Relocation to Canada Allowed

(H) –   Michelle M. Jochner, Tanya J. Stanish,   (W) – Anthony Sammarco, William J. Stogsdill

           & Eric R. Pfanenstiel                                                & Will J. Stogsdill

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