The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 10, Issue 12 February 2020


#1 Hon. Robert E. Douglas DuPage County

Father’s Anger Up-Ends Quest for Greater Parenting Time 17 D 1036

(H) – Lawrence S. Manassa, Kathy E. Bojczuk (W) – Amy L. Jonaitis, Simul S. Jhaveri

(GAL) – Dennise McCann

#2 Hon. Raymond D. Collins Lake County

Husband “Architect of His Own Predicament” - Motion to Vacate Default Judgment Denied 17 D 2274

(W) – Brett M. Buckley, Joshua M. Jackson (H) – Ronald L. Bell, Deborah Long

#3 Hon. Anna M. Loftus Cook County

Trustee Not Obligated to Pay Additional Maintenance 18 CH 3181

(T) – Francis P. Cuisiner (W) – Anita M. Ventrelli

#4 Hon. Abbey Fishman Romanek Cook County

Legal & Advocacy Obligation Under Medical Expense Provision 03 D 79452

(M) – Joan S. Colen (F) – Jill R. Quinn

#5 Hon. Frederick V. Harvey Will County

Extension of Order for Protection Denied 18 OP 1146/1147

(M) – Judith A. DeVriendt (Father’s Relatives) – Thomas E. Grotta, Kaley E. Baish

#6 Hon. John T. Carr Cook County

Neither Party Credible 18 D 1688

(W) – Tiffany M. Hughes (H) – Timothy D. Jasper

#7 Hon. Myron J. Mackoff Cook County

Legal Guardian Prevails Over Parents 19 D 2481

(LG) – Morgan L. Stogsdill, Elizabeth C. Szabo (M, F, Uncle) – Pro Se (GAL) – Marcellus H. Moore Jr.

#8 Hon. Jeanne Cleveland Bernstein Cook County

Downward Modification of Support Despite Voluntary Job Loss 13 D 230379

(F) – Peter R. Olson (M) – Marc D. Wolfe

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