The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 11, Issue 4, June 2020


#1 Hon. Janelle K. Christensen  Lake County

Total Fees of $272,563.40 – “Endless Paper Volley” 13 D 2139

     (W) – David I. Grund  (H) – Todd R. Warren, Marc R. Fisher

#2 Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt DuPage County

    Summary Judgment Granted, No Second Bite  12 D 1741

      (W) –   Todd D. Scalzo, Robert H. Lang  (H) –  Steven N. Peskind   (GAL) – Darius Sethna

#3 Hon. Margaret A. Brennan Cook County

     Enchanced Fee Possible 18 L 011283

      (P) – Grund & Leavitt, P.C.  (D) – Chris Gair

#4 Hon. James A. Shapiro  Cook County

Concerns Over Jurisdiction Requires Supervised Visitation 18 D 3212

(M) –  William G. Clark   (F) – Pro se   (GAL) – Lynn Wypych

#5 Hon. Thomas J. Vale  Green County, Wisconsin

     Pre-Nup Tossed  2017 FA 42

     (H) – Daniel P. Bestul   (W) – Sean M. Hamann, Steven R. Lake, Teresa M. Arrowood

#6 Hon. D. Christopher Lombardo  Lake County

Contumacious But Not Willful   13 F 0006

(F) – Michael S. Sabath   (M) – Michael P. Doman, Leo Sokolov  (GAL) – Cathy Wifler

Appellate Review:

#7 Hon. John T. Carr Ill App (1st)) 181897-U

     Estate of $19,294,054 Divided”

 (Appellee) – David C. Ainley, J. Matthew Linstroth    (Appellant) – Cheryl M. Berdelle

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