The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 11, Issue 11, January 2021


#1 Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt  DuPage County

Reckless, Irresponsible Spending Affects Marital Award 14 D 069

     (H) –  William G. Clark, Jr.  (W) – Pro se

#2 Hon. Jeanne Cleveland Bernstein Cook County

    $10,000 Sanction Against Attorney 07 D 230009

      (H) –   Michael P. Alvarado   (W) –  Kenneth M. Sullivan

#3 Hon. Edward A. Arce  Cook County

     No Sanctions, No Appeal IL App 1st 200816

      (W) – Jay A. Frank, Julie Johnson  (H) – David C. Adams  

#4 Hon. Stephen DeRue  Lake County

Recalculation of Support 15 D 1066

(M) –  Ilene B. Goldstein, Kyle M. Ruchim  (F) – Jared B. Pinkus, Leonidas L. Bezanis 

Appellate Review:

#5 Hon. David E. Haracz 2021 App (1st) 20086

     “No Change in Parenting Time”

    (Appellee) – Myra A. Foutris  (Appellant) – Gordon Nelson

  Supreme Court Review:

#6 Hon. Mary S. Trew 2020 App (2nd)  190929

     Hague Convention Not Applicable”

    (Appellee) – John A. Coladarci   (Appellant) – Evan D. Whitfield

  Appellate Review:

#7 Hon. Michael A. Forti 2021 App (1st) 200022

     “Relocation Allowed Over Objection of GAL”

    (Appellee) – Matthew D. Elster   (Appellant) – Michael G. DiDomenico, Sean M. Hamann

  Appellate Review:

#8 Hon. Linda E. Davenport 2020 App (2nd) 200068

     “Failure to Transfer Stock Contemptuous”

    (Appellee) – Eva M. Tameling    (Appellant) – Michael G. DiDomenico

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