The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 2, Number 1, March, 2011


#1 Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt DuPage County

Distance Dictates Denial of Removal to California 09 F 525

(W) - Thomas Boundas   (H) - Vincent Ruggiero




#2 Hon. Fe Fernandez Cook County

Improved Job Prospects and Family Connections Not Enough to Allow Removal to California 09 D 9406
(W) - Robert Hirsch   (H) - Pro Se




#3 Hon. Robert P. Pilmer Kane County

Enhanced Employment Opportunity and Family Connections Help Mother Get to California 08 D 1178
(W) - Heather Nosko, Steven Lake   (H) - Thomas J. Walsh




#4 Hon. Nancy J. Katz Cook County

$25,000 Fee Award Against Accrued Fees of $75,286 08 D 11026
(W) - David I. Grund, Arthur M. Berman   (H) - Thomas E. Grotta




#5 Hon. Brian R. McKillip DuPage County

Parents Entitled to Greater Autonomy in Grandparent Visitation Battle 08 D 846
(H) - Dennis A. Harrison   (G) - David L. DePew, II




#6 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Resources and Inherited Funds Mandate Maintenance Termination in 38-Year Marriage 06 D 11436
(W) - Michael Roe   (H) - Joel Ostrow




#7 Hon. Marya Nega Cook County

10-Year Prenuptial Agreement Valid Despite Ambiguity 09 D 3986
(W) - Dorene Marcus   (H) - Barry A. Schatz




#8 Hon. George D. Strickland Lake County

Allocation of Disputed Stock Options Results in $2.5 Million Award  07 D 1086

(W) - Joy C. Fitzgerald, Brian J. Hurst   (H) - Raymond Massucci



#9 Hon. Pamela E. Loza Cook County

Changing Parental Roles Affects Outcome 07 D 9600
(W) - Audrey L. Gaynor   (H) - Jeffrey Knipmeyer




#10 Hon. Dominique C. Ross Cook County

Marital Settlement Agreement Upheld Despite Ex-Wife's Prima Facie Case 06 D 0974
(W) - Michael Haber, Elisabeth Ritter, Lauren Bernay   (H) - Stuart Gordon

Appellate Review:

Hon. David P. Brodsky Lake County

Maintenance Extended Following Retirement 05 D 319 Appellate Decision 02 --09--1076
(W) - Robbin D. Vanderwoude    (H) - Paul R. Jenen


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