The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 2, Number 8, October, 2011

Volume 2, Number 8, October, 2011



#1 Hon. Barbara Meyer Cook County

(M) – David Inlander, Suzanne Glade     (F) – Steven G. Wittenberg     (C) - Jerry S. Goldberg


#2 Hon. Michael J. Chmiel McHenry County

(W) – Anna Bust     (H) – Randy Johnson 


#3 Hon. David Brodsky Lake County

$19,500 Monthly Maintenance and $2 Million Plus Award 08 D 1159
(W) – Michael Kalcheim, Jan Kowalski     (H) – Steven R. Lake, Heather Nosko


#4 Hon. John T. Carr Cook County

Mother's Difficulties Supports Remove 10 D 06615
(M) – Todd Glassman, Gemma Allen, Ron Ladden     (F) – Terry Slaw

#5 Hon. John W. Demling DuPage County

Husband Loses Big Gamble 09 D 2549
(W) – Lisa Giese     (H) – Jerry Kinnan     (C) – Christa Winthers


#6 Hon. Rodney W. Equi DuPage County

Maintenance Despite Remarriage 07 D 2117
(W) – Erika N. Walsh     (H) – George S. Frederick


#7 Hon. Veronica Mathein Cook County

Flight to Suburb Okay 10 D 2124
(M) – David Goldman, Maura Harrington     (F) – Ron Ladden, Gemma Allen     (C) – James Palmisano


#8 Hon. Jeanne Reynolds Cook County

Father's Canadian Plan Failed 07 D 230005

(M) – Kyle F. Fraccaro     (F) –Llewellyn Kennedy       (C) – Howard Rosenberg


#9 Hon. Mary S. Trew Cook County

Georgia Stay Extended, New Job and Available Housing 09 D 80520
(M) – Evan James Mammas     (F) – Ruth Watkins     (C) – Lester Barclay


#10 Hon. Kathleen Kennedy Cook County

Home-Making Husband Denied Maintenance 10 D 53023
(W) – John Farrell     (H) – Amber Waggoner     (C) – Kristin Woods

Appellate Review:

#11 Hon. LaQuietta Hardy-Campbell Cook County

Ex-wife’s Denied Rights to Seek Maintenance at End of Unallocated Support Period
Affirmed 8/16/11 No. 1-10-1567 


#12 Hon. William S. Boyd Cook County

Reversed 8/24/2011   No. 1-10-1856

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