The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 4, Issue 3, May, 2013

Volume 4, Issue 3, May, 2013



#1 Hon. Lorna E. Propes Cook County

(W) – Robert McNish      (H) - Enrico Mirabelli


#2 Hon. William Stewart Boyd Cook County

(W) - Andrew Eichner, Marcelle Kott     (H) – Nancy Ann Novit


#3 Hon. Renee Goldfarb Cook County

604(b) Favors Mother, GAL Favors Father 11 D 2384
(M) – Paul D. Nordini    (F) – Gail O'Connor


#4 Hon. Robert Miller DuPage County

(W) – William G. Clark, Jr.  (H) – Vincent Ruggiero


#5 Hon. Jeanne Cleveland-Bernstein Cook County

Semen Donor Legitimated11 D 6475
(M) – Ron Ladden, Gemma Allen     (F) – Howard London


#6 Hon. Regina Scannicchio Cook County

(M) – Nicholas M. Duric     (F) – Tina Gagliano     (C) - Richard A. Lifshitz


#7 Hon. William Stewart Boyd Cook County

Pre-Marital Agreement Controlling Despite Subsequent Writing 12 D 991

(W) – Jay D. Stein, David M. Stein, Katya C. Manak    (H) – Andrew Eichner, Karen R. Krehbiel


#8 Hon. David E. Haracz Cook County

No Maintenance in Five Year Marriage 10 D 9374
(W) – Bill Stavros     (H) – Joel Brodsky      (C) - Gail O'Connor


#9 Hon. Fe Fernandez Cook County

No Maintenance Due Less Accomplished Husband 10 D 12239
(W) – Patrick Markey    (H) – Robert Liss


#10 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Son Forces Father to Pay College Expenses 87 D 1716
(F) – Marios N. Karayannis    (S) – Michael Kalcheim


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