The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 4, Issue 9, November, 2013

Volume 4, Issue 9, November, 2013



#1 Hon. Mary Trew Cook County

(F) – Jill Roberts     (C) – Colleen Littman


#2 Hon. Brian McKillip DuPage County

(M) – Steven H. Klein     (F) – Kathleen M. Kenny     (GAL) – Joseph Beck


#3 Hon. Fe Fernandez Cook County

“Fun” Father Denied Custody 10 D 10489
(M) – Belle Lind Gordon     (F) – David Bohrer     (C) – Jerry S. Goldberg


#4 Hon. Brian Barrett Will County

(M) – Mary Katherine Avery, Amy Corrigan       (F) – Gregory Jumbeck


#5 Hon. John Thomas Carr Cook County

$200,000 Maintenance in Gross 09 D 9783

(W) –Maureen A. Mitchel      (H) – Marvin Leavitt, Jamie Fisher


#6 Hon. Linda Davenport DuPage County

(M) – Lyle B. Haskin     (F) – Juli A. Gumina, Jeffrey W. Brend


#7 Hon. Veronica Mathein Cook County

Allocation of Military Pension 99 D 12232

(W) – Barry Greenberg, Jewel Klein     (H) – Janice Boback, Jessica C. Natkin


#8 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Tactics Boomerang, $12,000 Sancation 08 D 875
(M) – Gail O’Connor     (F) – Modupe Sobo


#9 Hon. Leida J. Gonzalez Santiago Cook County

Contempt for Tax Return Failure 07 D 3299
(M) – William Wigoda    (F) – Sarah K. Lickus, Phillip R. Nava


#10 Hon. Alfred Levinson Cook County

Contempt for Failure to Sell Property 07 D3 30206
(W) – Linda J. Jakubs     (H) – Duane J. St. Pierre


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