The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 4, Issue 12, February, 2014

Volume 4, Issue 12, February, 2014


#1 Hon. David E. Haracz Cook County

Gross Conduct Requires Supervised Visitation 10 D 26
(M) – Meighan Harmon, Patrick Ryan   (F) – Howard Rosenfeld, Vanessa Hammer   (C) – Brigitte Schmidt Bell


#2 Hon. Kay Hanlon Cook County

(M) – Michael J. O’Malley       (F) – Sheldon D. Engel


#3 Hon. Debra B. Walker Cook County

Sole Discretion to Remove 12 D 2080

(M) – Michael Minton, William Shapiro     (F) – Jeffrey Knipmeyer, Leah Trachtman     (C) – Karen J. Bowes


#4 Hon. Timothy Murphy Cook County

Multiple Relationships Affects Custody 11 D 00781
(M) – Pro Se    (H) – Jessica A. Smith, Stuart G. Gelfman     (C) – Zachary W. Williams


#5 Hon. Patricia Marian Logue Cook County

TRO Reversed 08 D 2761
(M) – Matthew Arnoux     (F) – Mitch Gordon, Maria Citino


#6 Hon. Kathryn Karayannis Kane County

(W) – Benjamin Meyer     (H) – Michael Powers


#7 Hon. Brian R. McKillip DuPage County

Living Expenses for College Daughter, Slacker Son Denied Help 99 D 2623

(M) – Robert Boyd      (F) – Eva Tameling


#8 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

(W) – Janet E. Boyle     (H) – Jeanah Park


#9 Hon. Fe Fernandez Cook County

(W) – Belle Lind Gordon     (H) – David Bohrer


#10 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Removal Option Upheld 04 D 3810
(M) – Curtis Bennett Ross    (F) – Michael Shevick


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