The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 5, Issue 1, March, 2014

Volume 5, Issue 1, March, 2014


#1 Hon. William Stewart Boyd Cook County

Income Stream Marital 12 D 5389
(W) – Karen Levine   (H) – Michael Berger, Sharon Mobley, Molly Hauntly


#2 Hon. Timothy Murphy Cook County

(W) – Tiffany M. Hughes, Kimberly J. Anderson       (H) – Marc D. Janser, Lawrence W. Byrne


#3 Hon. Brian E. Barrett Will County

Wife’s Efforts Pay Off 12 D 225

(W) – Thomas Grotta and Kelly Marks     (H) – Michael Roe and Mark E. Becker


#4 Hon. Andrea Schliefer Cook County

Blogging Not Blocked 11 D 9432
(W) – John Rokacz    (H) – Brian Hurst     (C) – David Wessel


#5 Hon. Carol Kamin Bellows Cook County

No Fees for Grand-Mother 12 D 3602
(F) – Marc D. Wolfe     (GM) – Rebecca Zarzecki, J. Samuel Worley     (S) - James Quigley, Jared Pinkus    (C)– Zachary Williams


#6 Hon. Paul Marchese DuPage County

(M) – William Stogsdill     (F) – Thomas M. Newman     (GAL) – Lynn Mirabella


#7 Hon. Robert A. Miller DuPage County

Downward Deviation 13 D 958

(M) – Pro Se      (F) – Daniel J. Moriarty


#8 Hon. Raul Vega Cook County

(M) – Thomas T. Field      (F) – Phillip Brigham, Rafael Vargas     (C) - Efrain Vega


#9 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

(M) – Catherine Byrne     (F) – Steven L. Venit     (C) – Lester Barclay


#10 Hon. Thomas Kelley Cook County

74 Year Old to Pay Maintenance 12 D 1760
(W) – William G. Clark Jr.    (H) – Edward James McGovern


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