The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 5, Issue 3, May, 2014

Volume 5, Issue 3, May, 2014


#1 Hon. Timothy McJoynt DuPage County

Sober Wife Awarded 3 Years of Maintenance 12 D 1181
(W) – Thomas G. Kenny   (H) – Vincent Ruggiero


#2 Hon. Renee Goldfarb Cook County

(M) – Jason Addess, Alex Jacbson       (F) – Todd E. Feiwell      (C) - Howard Rosenberg


#3 Hon. Brian McKillip DuPage County

Injunction Dissolved 10 D 1466

(W) – John B. Kincaid     (H) – Edmund P. Boland     (TP) - Trish M. Rich


#4 Hon. Renne Goldfarb Cook County

Bank, a Necessary Party 10 D 8265
(W) – Thomas Grotta    (H) – Jo Anne Bruzgul


#5 Hon. A. Benjamin Goldgar Bankruptcy

Administrator Foiled by Bankruptcy 13 D 32960
(W) – David E. Cohen     (H) - Kostantine Sparagis, Morgan Marcus


#6 Hon. Regina Scannicchio Cook County

(W) – David Frumm    (H) – Todd E. Fiewell


#7 Hon. John Demling DuPage County

Percentage Upheld, Deviation Denied 10 D 405

(M) – Larry L. Thompson     (F) – Michelle E. Dahlquist


#8 Hon. William Stewart Boyd Cook County

(W) – Michael Minton      (H) – Anita Ventrelli, Natalie Momoh


#9 Hon. Jeanne Cleveland Bernstein Cook County

(W) – A. Marcy Newman     (H) – Thomas Benno     (C) – Matthew A. Kirsh


#10 Hon. William Stewart Boyd Cook County

Summary Judgment Denied 12 D 5389
(W) – Karen Levine    (H) – Michael Berger, Sharon Mobley, Molly Haunty


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