The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 6, Issue 1, March, 2015


Volume 6, Issue 13, March, 2015



#1 Hon. Robert E. Douglas DuPage County

(W) – Eva W. Tameling    (H) – Brian N. Nigohosian


#2 Hon. John Thomas Carr Cook County

(W) – David M. Stein, Cynthia Baruck    (H) – Joshua T. Friedman, Benton Page


#3 Hon. Charles D. Johnson Lake County

Family Stock of $7 Million Marital 10 D 1489
(W) – Steven Lake, Laura N. Ashmore    (H) – Steven D. Gerage


#4 Hon. Linda Davenport DuPage County

(M) – Thomas T. Boundas    (F) – Vincent C. Ruggiero


#5 Hon. Neal W. Cerne DuPage County

(W) – Joshua D. Bedwell    (H) – Pro Se



#6 Hon. Pamela E. Loza Cook County

(M) – Jason G. Adess, Lauren Goodkin Roth    (F) – Michael T. Tristano    (C) – Jerry S. Goldberg


#7 Hon. William S. Boyd Cook County

Grandparents Turned Away 13 D 10657

(M) – James J. Teich    (G) – Steven E. Wasko


#8 Hon. Regina A. Scannicchio Cook County

60 Months of Reviewable Maintenance 10 D 7126
(W) – David Frumm    (H) – Todd E. Feiwell


#9 Hon. Carole Kamin Bellows Cook County

Palestinian Decree Recognized 14 D 1193
(W) – Nour Bahrani Otremba    (H) – Mervate Mostafa Mohammad


#10 Hon. Raul J. Vega Cook County

Notice, A Nullity 09 D 421
(W) – Matthew C. Arnoux, Jonathan J. Bereman    (H) – Vittorio F. Terrizzi, Sean P. MacCarthy


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