The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 6, Issue 8, October, 2015

Volume 6, Issue 8, October, 2015



#1 Hon. Lisa Ruble Murphy Cook County

5 Years of Maintenance at $8,600 Monthly 10 D 1743 Consolidated with 10 D 1818

(W) – Lynn A. Cohen, Barbara E. Lusky    (H) – Jay Franke

#2 Hon. William S. Boyd Cook County

Trust Records Ordered Produced 15 D 330339

(W) – Martin A. Delaney, III    (H) – A. Marcy Newman

#3 Hon. Timothy P. Murphy Cook County

Maintenance Extension Denied 06 D 1504

(W) – Janet E. Boyle, Candace L. Meyers    (H) – David C. Ainley, J. Matthew Linstroth

#4 Hon. Robert E. Douglas DuPage County

Sole Custody to Mother 14 F 562

(M) – Michael H. Kenny    (F) – Catherine M. Byrne    (GAL) -- Meghen K. Williams     

#5 Hon. Carole Kamin Bellows Cook County

Interim Fees Allowable Despite Premarital Agreement 15 D 000143

(W) – Shawn D. Bersson, Erin B. Bodendorfer    (H) – David M. Giangrossi 

#6 Hon. Raul J. Vega Cook County

Sole Custody to Father, Mother's Visitation Supervised 12 D 6158

(M) – Kimberly J. Anderson    (F) – Conor E. Malloy

#7 Hon. Robert E. Douglas DuPage County

Exclusive Possession Denied 15 D 1141

(W) – Eva W. Tameling    (H) – William L. Opal

#8 Hon. Fe Fernandez Cook County

Disproportionate Division in Lieu of Maintenance 13 D 2129

(W) – Mitchell B. Gordon    (H) – Maol Murray Sloan

#9 Hon. John W. Demling DuPage County

Maintenance Guidelines as to Amount, Deviation as to Duration 14 D 4126

(W) – Michael E. Powers    (H) – Kelly J. Keating    

#10 Hon. Alfred L. Levinson Cook County

India Properties Classified as Marital 13 D3 30546

(W) – Juli A. Gumina, Anthony E. Vechiola    (H) – Martin A. Delaney, III



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