The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 7, Issue 1, March, 2016


Volume 7, Issue 1, March, 2016



#1 Hon. John W. Demling DuPage County

Unallocated Support Not an Option 08 D 908

(W) – Pro Se    (H) – Pro Se

#2 Hon. Naomi H. Schuster Cook County

Removal to Seattle Area Allowed 12 D 230583

(M) – Barry H. Greenburg    (F) – Pro Se 

#3 Hon. Michael Betar Lake County

Support Based on Imputed Income 13 F 853

(M) – Heather M. Nosko    (F) – Peter J. Miller

#4 Hon. Daniel R. Degnan Cook County

Proper Forum in Michigan 15 D 80072

(M) – Kevin M. Rosner    (F) – Michele A. Rosenfeld 

#5 Hon. Linda E. Davenport DuPage County

Culture Clash at Core of Custodial Provisions 14 D 2293

(W) – Michael A. Biederstadft    (H) – Jeffrey E. Marek 

#6 Hon. Celia G. Gamrath Cook County

Sole Custody and Limited Visitation 13 D 9751

(M) – Todd M. Glassman    (F) – Pro Se    (CR) -- Howard P. Rosenberg

#7 Hon. Lionel Jean-Baptiste Cook County

Removal to Georgia Allowed 12 D 80662

(M) – Pro Se   (F) – India N. Winbush    (CR) -- Michael I. Bender 

#8 Hon. Edward A. Arce Cook County

No Maintenance in Lengthy Marriage 14 D 8145

(W) – Sean M. Lazzari    (H) – Larry S. Kajfes 

Appellate Review: 

#9 Hon. Timothy P. Murphy Cook County

Prenuptial Disclosures Defective 2016 Ill. App. (1st) 143357-U

#10 Hon. Robert E. Douglas DuPage County

Stock Options as Child Support 2015 Ill. App. (2d) 150164-U

#11 Hon. Robert A. Miller DuPage County 

Reduced Fee Award 2015 Ill. App. (2d) 150410-U



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