The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 7, Issue 2, April, 2016

Volume 7, Issue 2, April, 2016


#1 Hon. Elizabeth M. Rochford Lake County

Agreement Strictly Construed 14 D 91

(W) – P. Andre Katz, Amanda Clayman, Audrey Gaynor, Gabriella Tzeneva (H)– Eric Schulman, Brett Buckley

#2 Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt DuPage County

Maintenance Despite Malingering 14 D 943

(W) – Michelle E. Dahlquist    (H) – Mark T. Wakenight

#3 Hon. Celia G. Gamrath Cook County

100% of 401k Awarded 13 D 9751

(W) – Gemma B. Allen, Todd M. Glassman    (H) – Pro Se 

#4 Hon. Elizabeth K. Flood Kane County

Finding of Contempt for Failure to Pay 11 D 1019

(M) – Raiford D. Palmer    (F) – Robin R. Miller

#5 Hon. John T. Carr Cook County

Retroactive Child Support Denied 12 D 9149

(W) – Bryan V. Reed    (H) – James Quigley, Shana L. Vitek

#6 Hon. Edward A. Arce Cook County

Real Estate Split Upheld 13 D 1180

(W) – Morgan L. Stogsdill, Kaitlin Post    (H) – Daniel Gold-Kessler    

#7 Hon. Mary S. Trew Cook County

Judgment Vacated 14 D 4452

(W) – Joseph T. Cesario   (H) – Joseph B. Taconi, Jr. 

#8 Hon. Gregory E. Ahern Cook County

Affirmative Duty Not Met 15 D 4137

(W) – Jean Conde, Leigh Schoen    (H) – Andrea Rice 

#9 Hon. Mary S. Trew Cook County

No Affirmative Defense Pled 03 D 3305

(M) -- Candace J. Wayne    (F) -- Robert Burke 

Appellate Review:

#10 Hon. Regina A. Scannicchio 

Award Limited to $350,000 2016 Ill. App. (1st) 142969-U



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