The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 8, Issue 12, February 2018


#1 Hon. Elizabeth M. Rochford Lake County

Marijuana/Alcohol Usage Concerning but Not Controlling 17 D 664   

(M) – Christopher White    (F) – James M. Quigley, Jordan D. Rosenberg    (GAL) – Gretchen E. Fisher        

#2 Hon. Carole K. Bellows Cook County

Muslim Marriage Contract at Issue 17 D 230211        

(W) – Mark  S. Schondorf    (H) – Rebecca M. Walsh  

#3 Hon. Elizabeth Loredo Rivera Cook County

Wisconsin Relocation Denied 12 D 200     

(M) – Matthew C. Arnoux    (F) – Maureen A. Mitchell, Stuart I. Gordon    (CR) – Pamela J. Kuzniar     

#4 Hon. Robert G. Gibson DuPage County

Grandmother’s Standing Upheld 17 D 320  

(G) – Henry D. Kass   (M) – Nicolas R. Nelson   (F) – Dennis A. Harrison   (GAL) – Christine Olson McTigue      

#5 Hon. Naomi H. Schuster Cook County

Maintenance Made Permanent 13 D 6026     

(W) – Adam C. Kibort    (H) – William P. White    

#6 Hon. Joseph V. Salvi Lake County

Interim Fees Denied, But Not Contribution 15 D 2077   

      (M) – James M. Quigley, Shana L. Vitek, Jordan D. Rosenberg    (F) – David R. Del Re, Kat Allen

#7 Hon. Timothy P. Murphy Cook County

Adoption Obviates Support Claims 98 D 4984  

      (M) – Nataly C. Skrabak    (F) – Megan E. Gieseler 

#8 Hon. James L. Kaplan Cook County

Failure Precludes Relief 89 D 52811  

(M) – Debra R. Antone    (F) – G. Lisette Serrano    (IDHFS) – Candice J. Smith

#9 Appellate Review: Child to Stay in Illinois, GAL Report Barred

2018 IL App (2d) 170667-U

(W) – David R. Del Re    (H) – Howard A. London  

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