The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 9, Issue 5, July 2018

#1 Hon. Marita C. Sullivan Cook County

32 Year Old Judgment Sustained 86 D 0447    

(W) – Cecilia Hynes Griffin, Daniel B. Davis    (H) – Kellie Y. Chen

#2 Hon. Rene Cruz Kane County

Imputed Income of $72,000 Per Year 16 D 1566       

(W) – Timothy D. Jasper    (H) – Michael A. Chapski    (GAL) – Michael E. Ryan  

#3 Hon. Joseph V. Salvi Lake County

60/40 Split in Favor of Wife, Maintenance Reserved 16 D 457       

(W) – Howard H. Rosenfeld, Kristen R. Serna    (H) – Elisabeth Ritter      

#4 Hon. John W. Demling DuPage County  

Premarital Agreement Upheld 16 D 1614   

(W) – Joanna M. Liotine Leafblad    (H) – Goldie Ludwig

#5 Hon. John T. Carr Cook County

75% of Estate to Wife Plus Maintenance 13 D 9154      

(W) – Howard H. Rosenfeld, Shannon K. Quinn    (H) – Pamela J. Kuzniar             

#6 Hon. Marita C. Sullivan Cook County

Islamic Marriage Contract Validated 17 D 230211    

      (W) – Mark Schondorf    (H) – Rebecca Walsh

#7 Hon. Regina A. Scannicchio Cook County

Family Loans Enforceable 13 D 5975

(W) – Aldo E. Botti, Jean Lasics-Wessels    (H) – Maol Murray Sloan, Conor E. Malloy

(GAL) – Zachary W. Williams

#8 Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt DuPage County

Workman’s Compensation Award Dictates Child Support Lump Sum 09 D 1903    

(W) – Michael E. Powers    (H) – Anthony Sammarco  

#9 Hon. Neal W. Cerne 2018 IL App (2d) 170239-U    

Appellate Review: Formula Determines Value  

(W) – Paul L. Feinstein    (H) – William J. Arendt 

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