The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 9, Issue 10, December 2018


#1 Hon. Regina A. Scannicchio Cook County

Husband Hit with Sanctions & Fees 14 D2 30119       

(W) – Stuart I. Gordon    (H) – Pro Se 

#2 Hon. David E. Haracz Cook County  

Mother’s Removal to Colorado Denied 13 D 4504   

(M) – Peter R. Olson    (F) – Lance R. Minor

#3 Hon. Michael A. Forti Cook County

Marriage Invalid, Wife Putative 16 D 007340     

      (W) – Nanette A. McCarthy, Elizabeth Demonte Cervone    (H) –  Naveed S. Husain, Maziar Shafiei

#4 Hon. Gregory E. Ahern, Jr. Cook County

Wife Pursues “Scorched Earth” Litigation Strategy 16 D 3063

(W) – Lawrence S. Starkopf    (H) – Michael P. Alvarado

#5 Hon. David E. Haracz Cook County

Husband Denied Interest in Lottery Winnings 14 D 6048        

(W) – Pro Se    (H) – Donald B. Boyd, Jr., Yvonne M. Probst    (TP) Thomas T. Boundas       

#6 Hon. Jeanne R. Cleveland Bernstein Cook County 

Husband Gets Long Term Maintenance, Credibility Questioned 17 D 3880       

(W) –Andrew D. Eichner    (H) – Joseph R. Napoli, Jared Pinkus  

#7 Hon. Jeanne M. Reynolds Cook County

Residence Non-Marital, Wife Reimbursed $150,000 14 D 230307       

(W) – Thomas D. Bilyk    (H) – John E. Witanen

#8 Hon. Timothy P. Murphy Cook County

Maintenance Reduced from $20,000 Monthly to $7,600 Monthly 07 D 9059   

(M) – Derek J. Bradford, Alexandra R. Holland    (F) – Meighan A. Harmon  

Appellate Review: 

#9 Hon. Neal W. Cerne 2018 (2d) 171034   

Appellate Review: Child Support Based on Assets

(M) – Annette M. Fernholz    (F) – George Mueller

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