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Volume 1, Number 4, June, 2010


#1 Hon. Brian McKillip DuPage County

Ex-Wife Allowed to Proceed With Petition to Reform MSA Despite 8 Year Delay 97 D 2905
(W) - Alan Toback, Michael DiDomenico  (H) - Nicholas Galasso


#2 Hon. LaQuietta Hardy-Campbell Cook County

Ex-Wife Denied Right to Seek Maintenance at End of Unallocated Support Period 96 D 13262
(W) - Howard Rosenfeld, (H) - Howard LeVine, John Kay 


#3 Hon. John Carr Cook County

Husband Suffers Stroke, Bulk of Estate to Wife 07 D 230111
(W) - Kurt Muller, (H) - Raymond Massucci (C) - Jerome Levin


#4 Hon. George D. Strickland Lake County


#5 Hon. Thomas Kelley Cook County

Ex-Wife's Unallocated Support Raised From $6,000 to $11,000, Failure to Seek Employment Excused by Family Responsibilities 01 D 2414
(W) - Robert Kipnis, Barbara Youderian, Adam C. Kibort, Theresa Lechner (H) - Jay Frank, David Goldstein 


#6 Hon. James Konetski DuPage County

Joint Custodian Mother in Contempt for Unilateral School Enrollment 08 D 0750
(W) - Myrna Fuentes-Smith, (H) - Thomas Newman 


#7 Hon. Naomi Schuster Cook County

Georgia Bound Mother Stopped, GAL Barred From Trial Participation 08 D 6737
(W) - Katherine Johnson, Rosaire Nottage (H) - Mary Ann Ruggio (C) - James A. Palmisano


#8 Hon. Carole Bellows Cook County

Husband Able to Seek Interim Fees Despite Pre-Marital Agreement Prohibition 09 D 11483
(W) - Heather Nosko, Steve Lake (H) - Dean S. Dussias, Christopher Syregelas, Donn C. Fullenweider


#9 Hon. Leida Santiago Cook County

Husband Ordered to Pay Additional Interim Fees of $105,416 08 D 02844
(W) - Daniel Stefani (H) - John D'Arco

#10 Hon. Mark Lopez Cook County

Mother's Third Attempt at Sexual Abuse Charge Falls Flat 04 D 8279
(W) - Ana Marcyan (H) - Monique McIntosh-Pamon (GAL) - David Carlson


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