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Volume 1, Number 5, July, 2010



#1 Hon. William Stewart Boyd Cook County

Parties' Multi-Million Dollar Claims Denied 06 D 011809
(W) - Howard H. Rosenfeld, Andrew J. Harger (H) - James B. Pritikin, Karen L. Levine, Andrew D. Campbell, Melissa B. Pryor


#2 Hon. Morgan R. Hamilton Cook County

Husband's Alcohol Abuse Outweighs Unfounded Sexual Abuse Charges 05 D 8263
(W) - Jeffrey W. Brend, Kimberly Brumirski (H) - Deborah J. FioRito, Edward Schuller (C) - David Wessel


#3 Hon. Dinah Archambeault Will County

Equal Parenting Time Despite Opposition of Child Therapist & GAL 05 D 1726
(W) - Stephen Botti (H) - Howard LeVine (GAL) - Joseph Glimco, III


#4 Hon. Naomi Hornick Schuster Cook County

Maintenance Offsets Disability and Pension Payments 07 D 10322
(W) - James A. Shaffer (H) - David M. Goldman, Kent D. Sinson


#5 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Fee Request Comes Too Late 06 D 5490 cons. 06 D CH 4412
(W) - Jeffery Heftman (H) - Andrew R. Schwartz


#6 Hon. Carole Kamin Bellows Cook County

Medical Records Remain Confidential 07 D 4935
(W) - Charles W. Siegel (H) - Catherine Marie Byrne (C) - Mary Beth Powers


#7 Hon. David P. Brodsky Lake County

Non-Cohabitational Conjugal Relationship Ends Maintenance 01 D 2573
(W) - Heather Nosko (H) - Todd Warren


#8 Hon. Pamela E. Loza Cook County

Retirement Distributions Take "Hit" in Maintenance Modification 99 D 5397
(W) - Steven A. Klein (H) - Enrico Mirabelli, Sylvia Sotiras 


#9 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Support Reduced from $14,500 to $6,875 01 D 4139
(W) - Burton Grant, Moira Bernstein (H) - Marvin Leavitt, Adam Kibort


#10 Hon. Veronica B. Mathein Cook County

African Chief Awarded Nigerian Compound 08 D 11643
(W) - Mary Therese Doheny (H) - Alice Banis Shorts

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