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Volume 1, Number 8, October, 2010



#1 Hon. Kathleen Kennedy Cook County

(W) - Arthur Berman, Daniel Meenan    (H) - Robert Hirsch, Paul Feinstein


#2 Hon. Jay Ukena Lake County

Maintenance Review Leads to 58 Month Extension 03 D 2543
(W) - Gary L. Schlesinger     (H) - Jon Beermann


#3 Hon. Moshe Jacobius Cook County

Lump Sum Maintenance Obviates Reviewability 03 D 5910
(W) - Pro se    (H) - Candace Wayne


#4 Hon. John W. Demling DuPage County

Children's Illinois Presence Defeats Transfer to Texas 10 D 622
(W) - James Olita, David Lowrance    (H) - Robin R. MIller, Michael Gregory


#5 Hon. Kathleen Kennedy Cook County

Reimbursement Limited, Benefits Offsetting  97 D 11457
(W) - Robert Badesch    (H) - Heather Nosko


#6 Hon. Arnold Blockman Champaign County

Downstate Dad Wins Sole Custody Over Hinsdale Bound Mom 07 D 263
(W) - Roger Marsh    (H) - Howard Rosenfeld    (GAL) Holly Jordan


#7 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Three Year Maintenance Made Permanent 03 D 9164
(W) - Elliot Heidelberger    (H) - Corine O'Hara


#8 Hon. John W. Demling DuPage County

Thrice Married Mother Off to Arizona 03 D 145
(W) - Jerry Kinnan    (H) - Alonzo H. Zahour


#9 Hon. David P. Brodsky Lake County

Maintenance Extended Following Retirement 05 D 319
(W) - Robbin D. Vanderwoude    (H) - Paul R. Jenen


#10 Hon. R. Morgan Hamilton Cook County

Hardship No Basis For Mandated Sale 09 D 3441
(W) - Belle Lind Gordon    (H) - Paul L. Feinstein

Updated Appellate Review:

#11 Hon. George D. Strickland Lake County

Child's Attorney Ousted 09 OP 1220 Appellate Reversal 2--10--0221
(W) - Lydia Kamerlink    (H) - Marvin Leavitt, Amy Gertler    (C) Stephen Komie

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