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Volume 1, Number 3, May, 2010


#1 Hon. Pamela E. Loza Cook County

Hoffman Estates Versus Hyderabad, India in Jurisdictional Dispute 01 D 15700
(W) - Marvin Leavitt, Richard Wilson, Jamie Roman, David Adams (H) - Michael DiDomenico, Alan Toback (C) - David Wessel


#2 Hon. Renee Goldfarb Cook County

Attorney Assessed $39,695 Sanction 04 D 2475
(W) - Elizabeth Feely   (H) - Celia Gamrath 


#3 Hon. Raul Vega Cook County

Passage of Five Years Bars College Expense Contribution 98 D 9164
(W) - Lawrence Starkopf (H) - William Wigoda


#4 Hon. Lisa Ruble Murphy Cook County

Dissembling Dad Hit With $6,000 Support Obligation 05 D 4265
(W) - James Pritikin (H) - Saundra Rice


#5 Hon. David E. Haracz Cook County

Career Sacrifice Earns Stay At Home Mom Maintenance Award 09 D 230027
(W) - Kevin Ross Johnson (H) - Matthew Kirsh, Amy Anderson 


#6 Hon. Veronica B. Mathein Cook County

(H) - Susan J. Silverman (W) - Michael Minton


#7 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Psychologist Parents Battle for Custody 04 D 2657
(W) - Laurel Black Rector (H) - Nancy Chausow Shafer (GAL) Jean L. Conde


#8 Hon. Eileen M. Brewer Cook County

Litigation Costs $1.5 Million 03 D 012638
(W) - Michael Berger, Melinda Rogers (H) - James Pritikin, Sylvia Sotiras, William Harte (C) - David Goldman


#9 Hon. Rodney W. Equi DuPage County

Equal Custodial Sharing Despite Cultural Conflict 08 D 409
(W) - Margaret A. Bennett, Bradford Bennett (H) - Jeffrey M. Jacobson, (GAL) -Thomas Else


#10 Hon. Elizabeth Loredo Rivera Cook County

"Bankrupt" to Fund $3,279 Monthly Support, $100,000 503(g) Trust, and $75,000 in Fees 07 D2 30434
(W) - Joy Feinberg, David Goldman (H) - David H. Cutler (C) - Jerry Goldberg

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