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Volume 2, Number 5, July, 2011



#1 Hon. John W. Demling DuPage County

(W) – Brenda Carroll     (H) – Michael Konewko


#2 Hon. Mark Lopez Cook County

(W) – Todd A. Walters     (H) – Katarzyna M. Caputa


#3 Hon. Jeanne R. Cleveland Bernstein Cook County

Sanction of $20,000, Fees of $58,752.61 07 MI177241
(W) – David Grund     (FA) – Rosaire Nottage     (H) – Alan D. Hoffenberg


#4 Hon. David Brodsky Lake County

Close Friendship Line Crossed, Maintenance Terminated 05 D 451
(W) – Christopher White     (H) – Andrew Eichner, Lauren Goodkin

#5 Hon. Elizabeth Loredo Rivera Cook County

Attorney and Expert Fees of $125,000.  Non -Taxable Maintenance of $18,000 Monthly 10 D 10684
(W) – Candace J. Wayne     (H) – Michael Berger


#6 Hon. Edward Jordan Cook County

Lies Lead to Indirect Criminal Contempt 10 MC 60031
(W) – David Frumm      (H) Pro Se     (P) Stephen F. Botti


#7 Hon. Marmarie J. Kostelny Kane County

Long Term Romantic Relationship No Bar to Maintenance 08 D 400
(W) – Rory Weiler     (H) – Brian Nigohosian


#8 Hon. Jay Ukena Lake County

Recalcitrant Wife Gets 90 Day Jail Term 08 D 2115

(W) – Vincent Stark     (H) – Todd A. Warren


#9 Hon. Lisa Ruble Murphy Cook County

Award of 56% of $1.1 Million Estate.  Maintenance Reservation Denied 07 D 6135
(W) – Larry R. Kane, Heather Hurst     (H) – Barry A. Schatz, Brian J. Blitz     (C) Joel Levin


#10 Hon. Kathleen Kennedy Cook County

Special Gifts Justified Cost of Education 08 D 2933

(M) – Christine M. Harney      (F) – David Frumm

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