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Volume 2, Number 6, August, 2011



#1 Hon. James J. Konetski DuPage County

(W) – Terence C. Mullen     (H) – John R. Mack


#2 Hon. Pamela Loza Cook County

(W) – Geraldine Holt     (H) – Leon I. Finkel, Peter Sullivan


#3 Hon. Kathleen Kennedy Cook County

Lost in Translation?  Judgment Stands 07 D 08504
(W) – James Haddon, Sam Carinzzaro     (H) – Yvonne Probst


#4 Hon. Robert J. Baron Will County

Consent no Defense to Payment of School Expenses 99 D 882
(M) – Mark Ellis     (F) – Howard Levine

#5 Hon. Donna-Jo Vorderstrasse Lake County

Illinois Wins in Dispute with Italy 11 D 159
(W) – Mario Ventrelli, Neal Simon     (H) – David Levy, Mary Beth Long


#6 Hon. Carole Kamin Bellows Cook County

Inexcusable Failure to Respond 07 D 1919
(W) – Catherine M. Byrne      (H) Steven D. Gerage     


#7 Hon. Mark Lopez Cook County

Fraud Claims Fail in Attack on MSA 06 D 409
(W) – Brian J. Hurst     (H) – Michael P. Doman


#8 Hon. Raul Vega  Cook County

Removal Denied Despite Major Employment Opportunity 08 D 2115

(M) – Vincent Stark, Jami Buzinski     (F) – Laura Ashmore, Amanda Sleezer     (C) – Jean Conde, Kathleen Griffin


#9 Hon. Kathleen Kennedy Cook County

Disgorgement in Favor of Child Representative 07 D 6135
(W) – Sheldon Engel     (H) – Marc Weinstein     (C) Jean Conde


Appellate Review:

#10 Hon. Edward R. Jordan Cook County

Attorneys Held in Contempt     Affirmed 6.30/2011   No. 01-09-0683;0684;0685

#12 Hon. Ronald S. Davis Cook County

604(b) Evaluations Not Subject to Confidentiality      Affirmed 6/30/2011   No. 109693


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