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Volume 3, Issue 9, November, 2012

Volume 3, Issue 9, November, 2012



#1 Hon. Pamela E. Loza Cook County

(M) – Robert Badesch, Nicole McKinnon     (F) – Craig B. Hammond, Ava Touloupakis     (C) – Martin Glassman     (GAL) - Matthew Kirsh


#2 Hon. William Steward Boyd Cook County

“Testing Waters” Precludes Change 12 D 2292
(M) – Vincent Stark      (F) – Richard Wilson


#3 Hon. Rodney Equi DuPage County

Unseemly Tactic Boomerangs 12 D 209
(M) – Eva Tameling    (F) – John L. Fay


#4 Hon. David P. Brodsky Lake County

Oral Agreement Partially Upheld 98 D 1813
(M) – Pro Se     (F) – Roger White


#5 Hon. Jeanne Cleveland Bernstein Cook County

Employer Liable 10 D 30017
(M) – Donald B. Boyd, Jr.     (H) – Pro Se


#6 Hon. Timothy Dudgeon DuPage County

Custody Awarded Despite Risk 06 F 659

(M) – Terry Slaw    (M) – Juli Gumina     (C) – Kathleen Jenney


#7 Hon. John Thomas Carr Cook County

Disgorgement Vacated 11 D 6359

(M) – Kim A. Grannan     (F) – Corri D. Fetman     (Attorney Fetman ) – Paul Feinstein


#8 Hon. Gary Feinerman ­­­USDC

Wrongful Removal to Poland 12 C 5468
(M) – Misty J. Cygan, Peter Wachowski      (F) – Audrey Bohdan Filipowicz


#9 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Contempt Finding, Support Unchanged 06 D 1664
(M) – Andrew Eichner     (F) – Frederick Lerner


#10 Hon. R. Morgan Hamilton Cook County

Prior Acquired Residence Marital 08 D 330599
(W) –John E. Passarelli     (H) – Wendy R. Morgan

Appellate Review:

#11 Hon. Eileen Brewer Cook  County

Litigation Costs of $1.5 Million Affirmed 9/5/2012     No. 1-12-110119-U

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