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Volume 3, Issue 10, December, 2012

Volume 3, Issue 10, December, 2012



#1 Hon. Barbara M. Meyer Cook County

(W) – Anne Coladarci, John Colardarci     (H) – Jason Sposeep, Anita Ventrelli


#2 Hon. David P. Brodsky Lake County

Removal from Wauconda to Colorado 11 D 1102
(M) – Jeannie M. Ridings      (F) – David Grund


#3 Hon. Nancy J. Katz Cook County

Pension Experts Battle 10 D 3367
(W) – Matthew A. Kirsh    (H) – William G. Clark


#4 Hon. Carole Kamin Bellows Cook County

No "Home State" Dilemma 12 D 9019
(M) – Bradley Trowbridge     (F) – Elizabeth Hubbard


#5 Hon. Robert A. Miller ­­­DuPage County

Elderly Wife gets 70% of Marital Estate 08 D 2406
(W) – Justin M. Smit     (H) – Eva Tameling


#6 Hon. Neal Cerne DuPage County

Retirement Reasonable, Maintenance Ends 04 D 0312

(W) – Michael Canulli    (H) – Grant Eckhoff


#7 Hon. Pamela E. Loza Cook County

Employment Efforts Lacking 09 D 30592

(M) – Robert Badesch, Nicole McKinnon     (F) – Craig B. Hammond, Ava Touloupakis


#8 Hon. Mark J. Lopez ­­­Cook County

Father’s Good Faith Rewarded 02 C 14463
(M) – Stephen Botti      (F) – Bill Scott


#9 Hon. Naomi Schuster Cook County

Health, Family, Employment Factors Allowing Removal 04 D 11993
(M) – Steven Klein     (F) – Pro Se


#10 Hon. Jeannie Reynolds Cook County

30% of Gross Income in 36 Year Marriage 09 D 30269
(W) –Howard Rosenfeld, Jerome Levin     (H) – Maureen A. Mitchell, Alan Marcus

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