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Volume 3, Issue 11, January, 2013

Volume 3, Issue 11, January, 2013



#1 Hon. Timothy McJoynt DuPage County

(W) – Bryan Estes     (H) – Enrico Mirabelli


#2 Hon. Veronica Mathein Cook County

$10 Million Default Award 09 D 5860
(W) – Howard Rosenfeld      (H) – Cindy Huang


#3 Hon. Renee G. Goldfarb Cook County

Uncooperative Mom Loses Custody 10 D 6359
(M) – David P. Pasulka, Keith P. Schoenberger    (F) – Bradley R. Trowbridge   (C) – Lenore Gonzalez Bragaw


#4 Hon. Jeanne Cleveland Bernstein Cook County

Removal to Alabama Allowed 12 D 6257
(W) – Janet Boyle     (H) – David Kirsh, Molly Haunty     (C) – Joy Feinberg


#5 Hon. Brian McKillip ­­­DuPage County

Support Obligation Doubled 08 D 2361
(M) – Karen L. Delveaux     (F) – Steven A. Miner


#6 Hon. Celia Gamrath Cook County

$38,500 Temporary Maintenance 12 D 5349

(W) –Michael Berger, Melinda Rogers, Hailee B. Zabrin    (H) - Howard Rosenfeld, Kathy Farmer


#7 Hon. Samuel Betar Cook County

Cohabitation without Financial Support 06 D 3079

(W) – Wayne Adams     (H) – Michael Alvarado


#8 Hon. Timothy P. Murphy ­­­Cook County

Hovering Not Harassing 05 D 31058
(M) – Robert Egan     (F) – Pro Se     (C) – Michael Schiffman


#9 Hon. William Boyd Cook County

Indebtedness Issue to Remain 09 D 30214
(W) – William Wigoda      (H) – Todd Feiwell


#10 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Non-Disclosure Not Crucial 07 D 7096
(W) – Karen Levine    (H) – Michael DiDomenico

Appellate Review:

#11 Hon. Samuel Der-Yeghiayan Cook County

Children Allowed to Stay in USA Reversed  11/16/2012 No. 1-12-110119-U

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