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Volume 6, Issue 6, August, 2015

Volume 6, Issue 6, August, 2015



#1 Hon. Neal W. Cerne DuPage County

Unemployed Mother to Pay 11% of College Costs 2000 D 2970

(M) – Pro Se    (F) – Maria T. Mack  

#2 Hon. Naomi H. Schuster Cook County 

Move to Moline Nixed 07 D 9036

(M) – Eunice M. Ward    (F) – Mary Katherine Avery, Lauren E. Chibe    (GAL) – Howard Rosenberg

#3 Hon. William S. Boyd Cook County

Non-Resident Companies Subject to Jurisdiction 11 D 11791

(W) – James B. Pritikin, Karen Conti    (H) – Frances H. Krasnow    (TP) – Michael A. Haber

#4 Hon. Jay W. Ukena Lake County

67% of Estate and $9000 Monthly Maintenance 10 D 2480

(W) – James M. Quigley, Jared B. Pinkus    (H) – Michael Berger, Andrew D. Eichner, Jessie A. McKenzie

#5 Hon. Thomas J. Kelley Cook County

604(b) Evaluator and Child Representative Favor Mother 12 D 11951

(M) – Arlette G. Porter    (F) – Vickie L. Pasley, Denise Brewer    (CR) – John Rokacz

#6 Hon. Neal W. Cerne DuPage County

47% Support Reduction 08 D 1877

(M) – James P. Powers     (F) – Daniel Walker, Jr.

#7 Hon. John T. Carr Cook County

Short-Term Marriage, Short-Term Maintenance 13 D 6148

(W) – Gloria E. Block, Tiffany M. Alexander    (H) – Jay D. Stein, Katya C. Manak

#8 Hon. Veronica B. Mathein Cook County

Maintenance Reduction Denied, Purge Set at $245,250 04 D 2363 

(W) – James M. Quigley, Heather J. Rosen    (H) – Michael A. Zaslavsky, Julie A. Neubauer

#9 Hon. Dominique C. Ross Cook County

Medical Determined Maintenance in 14 Year Marriage 13 D 7622

(W) – Todd M. Glassman, Paula E. Pitrak (H) – Laura N. Ashmore

#10 Hon. Linda E. Davenport DuPage County

Sole Custody Switched to Father 11 D 1971

(M) – Pro Se    (F) – Natalie Stec    (CR) – Connie Gessner

Appellate Review:

#11 Hon. Neal W. Cerne 2015  IL App. (2d) 140231 

73%/27% Split of Assets in Civil Union 09 D 79487

(DH) – David C. Ainley, Megan A. McCarthy       (VV) – Jay P. Dahlin 


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