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Volume 7, Issue 9, November, 2016

Volume 7, Issue 9, November, 2016 


#1 Hon. Robert E. Douglas DuPage County

Extension of Maintenance Denied 10 D 2378 

(W) – David H. Levy, Molly H. Haunty    (H) – Thomas G. Kenny, Grant Eckhoff    

#2 Hon. Ellen L. Flannigan Cook County

Sole Decision Making to Mother 14 D 00394

(M)–Kathryn L. Mickelson, Matthew Elster (F)–Michael W. Ohoa, Austin Vandeveer (GAL)–Kathryn Ciesla 

#3 Hon. Neal W. Cerne DuPage County

Award of $21,129,655 Plus Permanent Maintenance of $30,000 Monthly 14 D 956  

(W) – Howard H. Rosenfeld, Shaska R. Dice, Andrew J. Harger    (H) – Michael J. Berger, Eric J. Schwab  

#4 Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt DuPage County

Termination of Maintenance Denied 09 D 1399

(W) – Vincent C. Ruggiero    (H) – Juli A. Gumina  

#5 Hon. LaGuina Clay-Herron Cook County

Adoption Blocked 15 COAD 442

(M) – Wendy R. Morgan    (F) – Marsha S. Lipkin  

#6 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Modification of Maintenance and Support Allowed 09 D 4177 

(W) – Norman Ruber    (H) – David M. Stein, Katya C. Manak   

#7Hon. Thomas J. Kelley Cook County

58% of Marital Estate and Maintenance Deviation 15 D 155

(W) – Daniel Gold-Kessler    (H) – Thomas S. Grotta, Kathleen E. Rock, Stephen E. Russo

#8 Hon. Domenica A. Osterberger Will County

Japan, the Proper Jurisdiction 15 D 189

(M) – Gia M. Conti, Michael G. DiDomenico    (F) – David B. Shaffer

#9 Hon. Ann Collins-Dole Cook County

Wife Denied Relief in Probate 12 P 5895

(G)–Jason N. Sposeep, Benjamin Mackoff, Michele Jochner (E)–Joseph Pieper (W)–Mitchell H. Miller 

Appellate Review:

#10 Hon. Raul J. Vega Cook County

Denying Petition to Extend Maintenance Affirmed 2016 IL App. (1st) 151003-U

#11 Hon. Raul J. Vega Cook County

Denial of Fees Affirmed 2016 IL App. (1st) 140563-U



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