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Volume 8, Issue 7, September 2017

#1 Hon. Neal W. Cerne DuPage County

Wife Assigned Sole Decision-Making 15 D 703

(W) – Joseph P. O’Brien    (H) – Robert F. Brouch

#2 Hon. David E. Haracz Cook County

Husband Awarded 7 Years of Maintenance 15 D 6025

(W) – Pro Se    (H) – Beverly A. Pekala  

#3 Hon. Raul J. Vega Cook County

Directed Finding/Dismissal 08 D 2993      

(M) – Dean S. Dussias, Daniel Gold-Kessler    (F) – Carlton R. Marcyan, Jacqueline Stephens-Breisch

#4 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Willful Violation of Parenting Schedule 10 D 7499    

(M) – Pepi Camerlingo    (F) – Paul L. Feinstein

#5 Hon. Domenica A. Osterberger Will County

Maintenance Extended 12 D 736

(W) – Howard Levine    (H) – Gwendolyn J. Sterk        

#6 Hon. Naomi H. Schuster Cook County

Condition Before Filing 08 D 10469    

(M) – Matthew C. Arnoux, Amy L. Brogioli    (F) – Pro Se

#7 Hon. Myron F. Mackoff Cook County

Annual Review of Support XX D XXXX   

      (W) – Arthur B. Newman    (H) – Marcia S. Lipkin   

#8 Hon. Neal W. Cerne DuPage County

Children to Remain in Illinois 15 D 2163

(W) – Brian J. Wilson, Stephanie L. Tang    (H) – Janet L. Mazurek, Morgan A. Gay

#9 Hon. Lionel Jean-Baptiste Cook County

Antenuptial Agreement Invalidated 15 D 8981 

(W) – Ron A. Cohen    (H) – Linda G. Epstein

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